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Natural Casings are Superior...

Sausage manufacture is a highly specialised business, and whether it's a gourmet meal, a carefully cured salami to go with a fine wine or just some tasty snags for the barbie, customers today demand the quality that only natural casings provide.


The osmotic characteristic of natural casings contributes greatly to the final flavour of the cooked or smoked product, as flavours easily pass inside and outside of the sausage as it cooks - for example smoke from the barbecue or juices and marinades in the skillet - seamlessly intermingling with the sausage filling for a delicious final outcome.


And let's face it, eating food is a sensual experience! Good food not only tastes delicious, it also feels good when we bite it and chew it. The combined elasticity and high tensile strength of the natural gut results in a sausage that yields to a tender bite, yet also has a characteristic "snap" when broken or bit. Artificial casings simply cannot emulate this.


The benefits of natural casings extend beyond the consumers' enjoyment of the sausage. For instance, the high elasticity and tensile strength of natural casings allow for optimum filling yields during sausage production, and contribute to more attractive, wrinkle-free link ends. Natural casings are endothermic, that is they draw heat away from the sausage thereby providing enhanced shelf life and a longer-lasting attractive appearance.


Superior Casings is a member of the International Natural Sausage Casing Association, where you can learn more about the benefits of natural casings.



Superior is Naturally the Best!

Superior Casings controls the casing manufacturing process from the abbotoir right through to delivery to our customers. Every casing that passes through our plants is given a stringent specification check and assigned a batch reference number. Should there ever be any dissatisfaction with our product, we can determine the full history of that casing through its batch number and trace it back to its origin and production dates.



Our production facilities are the optimum in terms of cleanliness, efficiency and organisation, and we have been inspected and accredited by Australian and international authorities, including AQIS, Ausmeat, EU and USDA.




At Superior Casings, we continually review and refine our product range in response to the needs and requests of our customers. This has led to numerous innovations over the years, and we are proud to say that we have lifted the bar of the sausage casing industry in Australia as a result.


One innovation which has proven very popular with our customers is the option to buy casings in longer average strand lengths. The benefit here is that filling yields increase by 10% to 15%, as there are fewer wasted ends per metre of casing filled.


Superior has also pioneered the use of flexible zip-lock tubing. This initiative not only speeds up filling time by facilitating easier loading of the casing tube on your filling pipe, its lighter weight also significantly lowers freight and waste disposal costs - good for our customers and for the environment.



We Understand

The Superior Casings production and sales staff have extensive experience in the sausage and smallgoods manufacturing industry. All or our sales staff are qualified butchers, so in a world where our customers range from small boutique butcheries to large manufacturing and retail chains - with a commensurately large range of equipment used to manufacture sausages - we listen to what you want and understand what you need, and best of all get it to you promptly, efficiently and cost-effectively.


If you're after a specific product which is out-of-season in Australia, not a problem! Superior's extensive network of relationships with casing purveyors around the world means that we can source the product you need, and put it through the same stringent Quality Assurance processes that you have come to expect from Superior Casings.

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